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Public Health at the University of Gondar has a long and illustrious history in Ethiopia, forming the very foundations of the professions. The University of Gondar was initially established in 1954 (1947 E.C.) as a Public Health College and Training Center (PHC & TC). And it has been a pioneer for expanding public health practice, and training key public health professionals in Ethiopia ever since. The PHC & TC trained middle-level health personnel (community nurses, sanitarians, and laboratory technicians) and laid the foundation for a team approach and community-based teaching of health professionals in Ethiopia.

As the University transitioned through different stages of institutional development, it maintained and nurtured its deep-rooted commitment to the discipline of Public Health. When PHC&TC developed into the Gondar College of Medicine and Health Sciences (GCMS), the public health and related work were undertaken by the Department of Community Health. The Department served as a leader in public health services and research undertaking a range of activities including teaching undergraduate and later on graduate students; carrying out research activities; developing and managing the Team Training Program (TTP); and developing and coordinating the Dabat Rural Health Project (now known as Dabat Research Center).

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